what this is all about

our mission and goals

“The mission of Greenlight Clinic is to provide free short term, therapeutic intervention with 14 – 25 year old clients in a safe environment where they can learn to identify and manage their current feelings and difficulties.”

Young people, living in the Bay Area, can often experience confusion and conflict around age related issues, families, peers, school, finances, work, etc.  These feelings often result in sadness, depression and anxiety.  They can also lead to very serious consequences such as suicidal feelings, anger, and risk taking behaviors.

We help by providing:

clinic goals

  • Improve quality of life for young people
  • Develop awareness of their experiences
  • Help them communicate their feelings
  • Provide support in navigating through a crisis
  • Facilitate a better understanding of their situation

clinic process

  • A licensed therapist or experienced interns
  • Free 50 minute individual therapy sessions for up to six months
  • Issue-focused and age-focused group therapy
  • Booster sessions to insure stability and safety
  • Referrals to low fee community resources